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    Rob Edwards

    Finding it all pretty depressing to be honest. The last few years have not been good. I had high hopes for Wilder and loved the way we started under him. He'd totally lost his way though so his sacking was inevitable. Whoever we get next will have a very difficult job trying to turn things around.
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    The Genesis Pension Plan Matures...

    Poor old Phil had to leave the country in 1997 because he'd have to pay more tax. Would have left him penniless apparently.
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    Darlington Protest Saturday

    But responding to the expected demo, Darlington's Conservative MP Peter Gibson said: "I don’t know who the Darlington Peoples Assembly are or indeed which people of Darlington they are assembling." He added that the group seems "opposed to lots of things which is all very admirable, but...
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    Daniel Hannan on why markets are collapsing - fear of Starmer!!

    You're entirely correct, I worded that badly. They're spinning out lie after lie that unfortunately, some people are eager to swallow.
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    Daniel Hannan on why markets are collapsing - fear of Starmer!!

    Hannon and his ilk really are living in the land of make believe.
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    He lied!!!! When?
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    Wilder Rumours

    Some sad people about. Attention seeking idiots.
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    Boris off on a high

    I suppose the Ukrainians might. Lardassograd?
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    Johnson finally sorts out the energy crisis!

    An absolute turd.
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    "Marquee Signing"

    Willie Wigwam?
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    "Marquee Signing"

    Tent Alexander Arnold?
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    Stop johnsons " honours"

    Already done.👍
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    Power Bill Rises - Effects on small businesses

    As Funky Chicken said. All part of the masterplan to get the plebs back in their place. Feudalism just over the horizon, unless we do something about it.
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    Power Bill Rises - Effects on small businesses

    Hard times ahead for millions of people. This will cripple lots of businesses.
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    Red n White Shorts: Boro 3 Swans 0 [Negredo x 2 / De Roon]

    Negredo took that first goal so well. The ball was well behind him, but he still managed to get power and accuracy on the shot.