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    tony pulis discusses his boro period

    His time in charge genuinely killed my love of football, I wouldn't wish him on any another club. I've had a season ticket since 2003, and that season we finished 7th under him was the least I have enjoyed going to the Riverside.
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    Who has been the Boro player who surprised you the most?

    When we signed Jordan Rhodes I thought he would be far more clinical than he actually turned out to be - I was buzzing when he signed. His positional sense for getting opportunities was great and he worked hard enough, but it felt like he missed loads of sitters.
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    Buying a car- haggling!!

    Got a car last August. They weren't interested in haggling until I opened up the idea of finance. Got the price I wanted and paid it off in full the next day. Just check there's no early repayment fees and you're laughing (y)
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    Split Strikers?

    I'll never forget split strikers under Mogga. Jutkiewicz on the right wing with Keiron Dyer as false 9... Crikey.
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    Who do you fancy for the USA masters

    I don't know the first thing about professional Golf really but for the sake of betting on a major event I went for Reed, Rahm and Oosthuizen e/w.
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    Got Scottish in laws and some of my best mates are Scottish so yeah I do - though I think it's also out of pity... I'd be shocked if they got through tonight though, they lack punch up front and I think the Serbs will be too good for them. The only chance they have is to stay in the game as...
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    Vegan Recommendations

    Shiitake mushrooms make a great meat substitute I've found (y) Been veggie since back end of last year and find it a doddle and it has made me a much better/creative cook, yet to fully commit myself to veganism though but will eventually I think!
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    Would anyone else like to go to North Korea

    The Pyongyang marathon is on my bucket list, hopefully get to do it one day. My only experience of Asia so far is Vietnam, I can see why people fall in love with the far East.
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    Spence & Tavernier

    If we're going to persist with wingbacks long term then Spence needs someone new in to challenge him for his place, assuming Dijksteel will continue as a CB in the 3. Djed isn't playing with the swagger and aggression he had last season and I think he could do with having the risk of losing his...
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    16 million for Matty Cash ?

    He looked good but if I remember rightly Joe Lolley was the standout player. He's a decent signing for Villa but Forest have got a good price there!
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    Scandinavian House Not sure if that link will post alright but I guess this explains it. My family it was certainly just a case of Scandinavian sailor in port on Teesside marrying a local, plenty of other examples of the same...
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    GPS smartwatches for walking/hiking

    Currently have a Suunto 9 Baro for running atm and the GPS accuracy and battery life are incredible - but they're a bit pricey. Before that I had a Polar M430 which are about £120, served me really well for a marathon, training runs and walks etc. GPS was accurate, good battery life, easy to...
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    Scandinavian House

    Close to my heart this place and was a big part of my childhood. Grandparents met there (my grandfather was in the Norwegian merchant navy and grandmother was English), my parents got married there in 1999, me and my sister christened there :) I can still taste the coffee and cake from the...