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    Warlock has a real blind spot for keepers first bettineli now Lumley

    If you speak to defenders I'm sure they'll tell you that having a lack of confidence in their keeper does affect their game. Even if his flaps didn't directly lead to goal it affects the team psychologically not having confidence that should they make an error their keeper will bail them out.
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    Not good enough really is it.

    Haven't seen a singha here in a long time! On the bia hoi. Bottled up from the tap, glasses in the freezer on rotation. See profile picture 👍 Bloody ruined my weekend had that.
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    Not good enough really is it.

    Me too mate. Paid my tenner for the stream here in Hanoi, sacked off seeing my lass because I was excited by the game, a Sporar goal etc. Deflated. Typical but should've known really. Will only end up doing the same next week 😂
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    Good players, wrong manager

    Waiting til January will cost us. Can't see Warnock masterminding a promotion out of this anyway. There isn't the same collective backs against the wall, us against the odds attitude that he seemingly needs. I like Warnock and I'd love it to work and we're an aggressive team that turns the...
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    Drinking in the seats

    Not clever in the sense they might get in bother. Otherwise, why not eh. I couldn't watch that without a bev.
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    Not good enough really is it.

    Muniz scored for Fulham 😂👌
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    Not good enough really is it.

    Fully appreciate we're a team with a seeming mismatch of players due to transition but we got outplayed for large periods today. Crooks is too clumsy with the ball in a 2. We missed Morsy 🤷‍♂️ Peltier did okay but he's ageing, he can't play every week and I'm not convinced by Bola of late or...
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    How long do we give Warnock then?

    We don't seem to be going anywhere fast but I'm not particularly surprised. We've had huge upheaval in the squad and are stuck between a manager with an ethos that probably doesn't align with a longterm strategy the club wants to implement. We have enough quality to do okay but I think the...
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    Damn you Corbyn

    Corbyn is a clear opponent of unchecked power and that's a valid criticism of the EU or at least the direction it could be heading in. It is however a considerably more ethical, less corrupt and more diligent group of would be policy makers than The Conservative Party and if you still can't see...
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    Damn you Corbyn

    I'm an EU sceptic despite being a proud European. Maybe I'm actually a government sceptic, despite being a fan of big government. Be cynical, question, oppose, hold elected officials to account and institutions to high standards. It's important for a healthy democracy. If we don't we end up...
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    James Lea Siliki - Boro: Je vais devoir m'adapter mais je n'ai pas peur. L'amour est plus fort que tout [Bros/Stories] fr.

    I thought it was a great article. Passionate and poetically articulated, albeit that may just be how it translated.
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    'Similar to Aaron Wan-Bissaka' - Nottingham Forests Djed Spence compared to Man Utd ace [Notts Post]

    Boggles my head how or why someone would make that comparison? What games do you watch and how have you got into a position to be quoted on football when you're making comments like that 🥴
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    Sounds like Ali Brownlee???

    Not to be rude mate but it sounds nowt like him 😬
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    Bamford starts for England

    I know it's been said 10000000x before but it still absolutely blows my mind how I and many, many others, the majority I'd say could see he was the best forward at the club yet Pulis saw fit to sell him for a relative pittance. I have a screenshot with two mates, one a Newcastle fan and the...
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    Really Not happy at the end of another window

    Are you on the spice again, Newy? Even Kevin Keegan wouldn't pick that team 😂