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    Luton fan in a critical condition after trouble last night

    QPR Luton has history, no idea why but know it kicks off on a regular basis
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    Day 2 tests

    Expert medical £28 online used them a couple of weeks ago you get the code sent to you online for the tracker form and kit to your door
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    Life as a Boro fan through the years

    Some great memories in there (y)
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    Ben Houchen - Guardian

    I'm not that close to what he has or hasn't delivered against announcements but lets be honest he doesn't have to deliver too much to be seen as a success compared to what the various local councils have managed over the years! There are quite a lot of new Darlo jobs being advertised and have...
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    Who would you replace Warnock with?

    He got divorced years ago, mind you remarried and still punching!
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    Trouble after the Game

    Wobble gob Liddle was talking it up over on Raw during the week so that probably got noticed by the Cov idiots
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    Boro, Newcastle, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Darlington all at home at 3pm tomorrow

    Another change that is probably due to the cost and effort to pay on the day at matches these days is that very few people now watch more than one top 4 league club regularly. I'm mid 50s and when I was young it was not uncommon for people to go the watch several different teams if your main...
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    Tube closures on Sunday for Fulham away

    The Rocket best wetherspoons in London if you're coming from Putney about 10 mins walk to the ground Best ones Hammersmith way are opposite direction from ground on river although there is a new one I can't remember the name in the right direction...
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    Tube closures on Sunday for Fulham away

    Just scan on, fixed fee no need to scan off.
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    Tube closures on Sunday for Fulham away

    Nice walk along the river from Hammersmith or get the Victoria line to Vauxhall and train to Putney
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    How many Boro players would you recognise in the street

    I was thinking about this earlier in the week looking at the pics from the friendlies, came to the conclusion it was probably zero.
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    Your 1st home and away game

    Home Boro v Liverpool start of 77-78 season. Away was early in 81-82 @ WBA
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    Warnock signing players from lesser teams!!

    We'll see, it's a tough job picking decent players from lesser teams and building a promotion winning team to be fair he's done it before to a degree but already had some decent players in those squads, not sure we have a starting base.
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    The Hundred

    Going to Headingly for the match a week on Saturday be interesting to see if I notice much difference, to be honest after a few beers before it kicks off I very much doubt I will!
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    Be careful and be sensible

    Very sad to hear of your loss but the fact are that he was hugely unlucky there have been only a really small percentage of deaths in people of his age or younger where there were no known pre existing conditions