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    Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton

    Portimao has been the best race of the season for me, hope it can stay on the calendar.
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    The Blacklist

    Yeah that cartoon were a bit queer. I'm hoping for some resolution soon, the whole mother / Raymond Dad thing is getting tiresome.
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    Just said I will get arrested if I don't press 1

    Sam here, two HMRC calls in the last two weeks, last week a you've had an accident in the last 2 years. That one I said yes to, and when she asked me for more details, told her I was eating ice cream and it dripped on my trousers. Bunch of time wasting pricks, but I'll play along as the longer...
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    On this day 1929 George Camsell

    Is one of them missing a penalty against West Ham?
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    On this day 1929 George Camsell

    That commentary is hilarious. Left back, can play with his eyes shut, but they won't let him do that. Right back in the right place!
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    On this day 1929 George Camsell

    First game at Ayresome and last at Linthorpe Park? I'm guessing here, but sure I read that.
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    On this day 1929 George Camsell

    I recall reading he missed one in a League game and then refused to take any more. If he had, he would have had the record.
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    On this day 1929 George Camsell

    Agreed, and just for a bit of trivia, who is our all time greatest goalkeeper in terms of appearances?
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    Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton

    The 2016 season would like a word :) The thing with Hamilton is his consistency and he even said in Portimao, he was feeling his way around the track and learning where he could push. He has that mental capacity to adapt during a race. Despite having the same car, I don't think Bottas can do...
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    On this day 1929 George Camsell

    Would be more widely recognised if it wasn't for Dixie Dean. To Boro fans though, he's a fantastic part of our history.
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    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    Not retired, 26 years before I am, but god I look forward to the day.
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    any links?

    Few more here too
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    What you doing tonight

    Watching a French language film called Tell No One from 2006, and trying not to respond to the Brexit thread thats turned a bit nasty.
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    The Ignore button - I really like this now

    Without an effective ban hammer, not sure it would work. Good idea though.
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    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...

    This is another fundamental argument of remain voters. Leave voters are thick, all fell for the rhetoric. It just isn't the case, go look at my post history. There is not one thing in there that says I fell for the 350m bus, the sovereignty nonsense etc. I sensed an opportunity for...