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    T20 Tonight

    he’s been throwing up all week and lost 2 stone. he still looked VERY peaky
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    What has Uche done wrong ?

    He could have signed Mendez Laing again 😐
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    Yeah you’re probably right. I’ve just noticed a lot of sloppy passes and touches from him last couple of games. maybe he’s just a bit bloody knackered
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    Premier League and police to hold crisis talks over fan disorder

    Too much class A on the go at matches these days. never seen so many lads sharing toilet cubicles since my last night out down Soho
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    What has Uche done wrong ?

    To clarify, he’s not LITERALLY a carthorse. You couldn’t even get boots to fit
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    New loan ruling on prem league sides to limit loans to 6 players

    A good move, finally. The stockpiling of players is just ridiculous. how many do Chelsea currently have out on loan? 20?
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    What has Uche done wrong ?

    He’s a carthorse. Albeit, one with a great attitude
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    What has Uche done wrong ?

    Think that was more due to the service they received I doubt Wilder picked two quick, 5’10 strikers with the idea that the midfield would continually lump balls up to them at head height
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    Sporar and connolly ...will not pair up again

    I’d have Balogun leading the line and Sporar just behind him on Sat
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    I thought crooks was really poor last night. Not just the missed chances, but his overall play. it was the same against reading too, but obviously the two late goals made up for it. I’ve been a big fan of crooks, particularly his link up with Jones down the right, but he’s been below par recently
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    I’d play him ahead of Crooks on Sat
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    Bournemouth Bid for Rothwell

    Yeah I thought Buckley looked good. surprised when I looked on wiki there… only scored 4 goals in 72 apps
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    Jeff Hendrick

    Wouldn’t it be great if Spence was left footed
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    Jeff Hendrick

    Could cover at RWB as well. Similar player to Howson
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    Were we that bad?

    We could easily have won last night. says a lot about how far we’ve come, when a 1-0 defeat away at the team 2nd in the league seems like the end of the world to some posters. I’ve no idea how Blackburn are 2nd btw… I thought they were very average