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    Ade Edmondson

    sold it in 2019
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    Ade Edmondson

    He has bought a goodly amount of vinyl singles from my old record shop in Wingate ( via the shop website) over the years. Always tells us how please he was with the quality
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    If Carrick goes over the next few weeks

    cant polish turds ... assuming Carrick is only a coach and not responsible for the shower that came in then he has to get a tune out of what he is given
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    Will we see Engel again? ....

    brutal but a no for me . Poundland Giles
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    shuffle the pack and lets see if we come up trumps UTB
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    Newcastle Fans in Milan

    I really have discounted Newcastle as a rival as clearly they have hit the jackpot with the blood money . Not even on my radar football wise .... love the toon for record shops like
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    Who the chuff has dug Liz Truss up??

    she should keep her head low and enjoy her PM pension
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    How’s it gone so wrong so quickly

    16k crowd next week ,,,, we are on a massive slide and it really isnt carricks fault.. Poor replacement of the 4 key players we lost has been poor
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    Giles dropped to bench by Luton

    I also heard he strung the club along and no doubt his agent courted Luton ... way it goes in footie tho
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    Kyle Walker's contract extension announcement.

    Top draw footballer, Love watching him especially for England . Energy, quick feet and plays with passion every game
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    The Afonso alves myth

    selling Young really upset me , wasnt aware of the player wanting away so purley for commercial gain , A little bit of my love for boro went when Young went . People here rightly sound Giles as a decent knock but he wouldnt be able to lace Luke Youngs boots
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    ‘People who were affected by punk still are’:

    the article says she grew up in a Durham old mining village then the family moved into Ferryhill. where did she grow up originally?
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    Retro Electro Workshop

    its fascinating , Wish it was more detailed tho ... little bit aimed at non techos
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    Scotland v England

    nothing game for cash only ... will watch but dont think it will be half paced
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    Leeds Vs Boro Ladies match

    wonder if she is an impact sub , maybe for the last 20 or 30 mins?