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    Newcastle Sale Falls Through

    Oh dear how sad never mind.
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    Mogga will do us a favour.
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    Team for Saturday

    Same team surely.Possibly Roberts for either McNair or Saville.
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    Team for Tomorrow

    Got to be wing backs with some pace. Stojanovic Spence Fry Moukoudi Friend Coulson Saville Howson Roberts Fletcher Britt
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    Luton away 3rd Aug 2019

    Who would have thought after that display that we wouldn't score 3 goals in a game for the rest of the season( not that many with 2).Tells its own story.
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    Team for QPR

    More chance of me playing than Morrison.
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    Team for QPR

    I'd revert to wing backs and assuming Spence is not fit. Stojanovic Howson Fry Moukoudi Friend Coulson Saville McNair Roberts Fletcher Britt
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    Team for Hull

    Surely has to be the same team that started on Saturday.Only changes possibly Moukoudi and Coulson for Friend and Johnson.
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    Team for Stoke

    He'll find some way to get Shotton Friend and Gestede in.Surely not Nmecha though.
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    Team for Stoke

    After Saturdays debacle have to return to wing backs.Would also have Howson in a back three and add some pace with Spence Tav and Roberts.Do it now rather than when it's too late,granted it might be too late anyway. Stojanovic...
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    Vintage Boro pic - can you name them all

    Better team than 73/74 Erimus?
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    Vintage Boro pic - can you name them all

    Jimmy Greenhalgh
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    Vintage Boro pic - can you name them all

    1977-78 Back row Craggs Bailey Mills Hickton Hedley Middle Brine Boam Cuff Platt Ramage Woof Maddren Front Cooper Armstrong McAndrew Souness
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    What was your first dance marriage song

    Mine was a couple of weeks after the Battle of Stamford Bridge.Song was Perfect by Fairground Attraction not my choice obviously!!
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    Your swansea starting 11

    Stojanovic Howson Ayala Fry Moukoudi Coulson McNair Wing Saville Roberts Britt