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    Sunderland fans excited

    They are starting already. Finally get out of the 3rd tier of English football and now back to referring to us as a small club. This is why I would have preferred them to stay in that league for a few more seasons. I work with a lot of Sunderland lads and they are good lads to be fair. The vast...
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    Best Debut Album?

    The Streets - Original Pirate Material
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    Thank You Sol Bamba

    Just watched his interview and it was quite emotional to be honest. He said we are probably the best fans in the country. There is no higher compliment than that! Sol was respected from day one, not only because he is a true warrior after coming back from cancer. But he is an absolute gentleman...
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    Boro thread on Mackem board

    Sent from my Geordie mate.
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    Worst ever away day

    Sorry to hear this mate. Hope your little lad is ok and it hasn't put him off as it's supporters like him we will need in the future not these coked up kn0bheads who put a stone island jumper on, sniff a load of powder and act like complete numpties.
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    Does anyone own any unusual pieces of Boro memorabilia

    An unopened bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale from the 1997 Coca Cola Cup final Vs Leicester. Big Boro badge on the label. This was given to me recently by a Geordie mate who collects old bottles of Newcastle Brown.
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    Best away support in the Championship?

    With us taking another massive following on Saturday, It got me thinking. Does anyone have the stats for the best away support in the Championship? Had a look to see if there was some sort of table but can't seem to find one.
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    QPR vs Sheff United Match Thread

    Sorry I've edited. Didn't really explain it well. Been a long day!
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    QPR vs Sheff United Match Thread

    As much as I would love us to make the play offs. I certainly wouldn't fancy our chances against Sheff Utd (assuming Luton miss out) They absolutely destroyed us at their place. Wouldn't fancy us against Huddersfield or Forest either.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Swansea v Boro Match-day Thread UTMB *

    Poor first half for me. Swansea are a much better footballing side than us watching this. Some of our players are already on the beach. We need to up the tempo ASAP.
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    Breaking news - Guilty on all 11 counts

    Funny how he dared call people 'pond life' when in fact he was the lowest of the low. Hope he rots in jail for a very long time. Scum.
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    Where will Connolly end up?

    Phil or Noel? Ha
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    Where will Connolly end up?

    I would rather have kept things as they were in January in the top half of the pitch. Hernandez, Uche, Watmore, Sporar and Coburn. I would have used the wages/loan fee for Balogun and Connolly and focused on getting a proper goalkeeper. If Wilder is honest I'm sure he would've expected a lot...
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    Huddersfield Town Season Ticket prices

    Well done Huddersfield. Great prices.
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    Riverside Boro Brick Road

    Access to a digital map of the bricks would be great as I've tried twice recently to find my brick and also my Grandad's who is no longer with us. Couldn't find either! What I did find though is that a lot of them are in very poor condition and the writing is unreadable on quite a lot of them...